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KnowledgeView now offers Android news apps!

Having established leadership with iPhone, iPad and Webmobile applications, KnowledgeView now offers Android news apps with the same level of excellence and richness of features

KnowledgeView Launches Advanced Mobility and Newsletter Publishing Solutions at IFRA Expo, Vienna, 10-12 October 2011

KnowledgeView will launch at the IFRA Expo 2011 two Expo Firsts: Hosted very affordable publishing solutions for Web-Mobile, Android, iPhone and iPad to cater to small and large publishers: Be there, Inform, Engage and Publish. Another IFRA Expo first will be the ‘Publish live’ Newsletter publishing with Syndication system successfully used by

Dar Al Hayat’s iPad App by KnowledgeView A New Dimension in News Multi-Publishing

Dar Al Hayat (DAH), a leading news publishers in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, addressing audiences around the globe through its various local, regional and international daily editions of Al Hayat newspaper and Web sites, is now set to take the news multi-publishing practices to a new level with its innovative iPad app developed by KnowledgeView’s technology.

KnowledgeView's Advanced iPad Technology as shown on YouTube... Appealing to Content Providers from East To West!

KnowledgeView, the leading multi-publishing solution provider in Europe and the MENA region, launched its iPad technology last year and has been building up momentum among top regional and international news providers such as GIS, Australian Associated Press (AAP), Saudi Research and Marketing Group (SRMG), Dar Al Hayat (DAH), Maroc Soir Group (MSG),Oman Establishment for Print and Press(OEPP) and many others.

Australian Associated Press and KnowledgeView Conclude Deal to Cater for Excellence in News Mobile and Tablet Publishing In Aust

The Australian Associated Press (AAP) and KnowledgeView have raised the bar of the mobile technology industry in the region and worldwide when they concluded in December 2011 a wide-ranging agreement to co-develop and offer to the Australian publishing market advanced mobile, iPhone and iPad applications based on the ‘Publish live mobile’ technology from KnowledgeView

Introducing the Publish live "Text Mining"!

The news you need in front of your eyes!

Syndigital 2.5 released with key features for content licensing

The updated version for the revolutionary ‘Syndigital’: allowing content providers to seamlessly generate revenues online. Easy steps for the users and powerful tools for the service administrator...all in one e-market portal!

KnowledgeView Showcases the First iPad Application at Closed Client Meeting In Paris

KnowledgeView, a leading multi-publishing solutions provider in the MENA region, took part in a key publishing industry meeting in Paris last week during which KnowledgeView showcased the first iPad application for Al Eqtisadiyah newspaper, as part of its long term partnership with Saudi Research Marketing Group.

KnowledgeView Conducts an 'Editorial Change Management' Session with Oman Establishment for Print and Press

KnowledgeView, the leading multi-publishing solutions provider in the Middle East and Europe, has organized and Editorial Change Management (ECM) session with Oman Establishment for Print and Press (OEPP) on April 14 where senior management and editorial staff from Oman Daily and Oman Observer gathered to discuss the digital practices and KnowledgeView's solutions. KV