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KnowledgeView releases Arabic-language support for the iPhone, enabling iPhone users to access news on

KnowledgeView Ltd, leaders in multi-publishing technology, have developed a unique server based solution that enables users of the Apple iPhone to receive news in Arabic without the need to install any software on the iPhone.

Al-Ahram embarks on major initiative for technology re-modernisation with KnowledgeView UK

Al-Ahram, Egypt's number one publishing house with over 40 publications...

Launching Web site, a bold social networking Web site, powered by KnowledgeView

Described as having the best of Facebook’s social networking features and YouTube’s video handling features, anaalan is launched in October, as beta, by the well-known Lebanese television personality Zaven Kouyoumdjian, with construction by KnowledgeView’s engineers using open-source technologies integrated with KnowledgeView’s Publish live solutions.

KnowledgeView Launched Publish Live at IFRA Amsterdam With New Solutions for TV & Radio Publishing to Web and Mobile

KnowledgeView launched at Ifra Amsterdam an extended products and services suite for multi-publishing, Publish live, including an IFRA first, TV and Radio publishing to Web, mobile and broadcast using an innovative programme playlists feature of RAPID Browser.

Dow Jones Introduces Forex News in Arabic First Arabic-Language Currency Trading Financial News Service

KnowledgeView's partner, Dow Jones, announced on Monday 15 September the introduction of the Dow Jones Forex News service in Arabic using the Publish Live technology from KnowledgeView.

KnowledgeView makes multi-publishing smart

With Publishlive We help publishers extend their reach and circulation
We cater for the needs of the millions of Publishers-Consumers, the Pubsumers!

RAPID Browser, the editorial workflow tool of Publish live, is used by more than 40 media groups and 4000 journalists, now allows for:


RAPID Editor

RAPID Editor is an easy to use Web-based authoring tool of RAPID Browser, designed for convergent Newsrooms. RAPID Editor allows journalists to multi-publish individual items or news packages to paper, Web, mobile and TV & Radio. The packaged items can be text, photo, audio and video, or even a playlist of items and packages.

The ability to create custom editorial items opens a whole new dimension for RAPID Browser to be used for editing different media story and content types.

KnowledgeView Users' Group established, with an active online site for members

With over 4000 journalists and informational professionals using RAPID Browser in more than 40 media organisations, it has become necessary to establish the users' group, allowing users real input on how RAPID Browser is developed to serve their needs. The KnowledgeView users' group will feature an online site on and at least one users' get-together per year.

The successful informal users' group meeting, held in Abu Dhabi in June 2007, and attended by leading users of RAPID Browser and RAPID Archive, recommended the establishment of the users' group.

Maroc Soir Groupe sign contract with KnowledgeView for multi-platform publishing system

Press release
31 January 2006

Maroc Soir Groupe, a leading newspaper publisher in Morocco, has signed comprehensive contract with KnowledgeView for a multi-platform publishing system driven by RAPID Browser and Adobe publishing software.

Launch of Awan – First Arabic newspaper with convergent newsroom

Awan, launched on 18 November 2007, is the first Arabic newspaper to employ a convergent newsroom approach in the Middle East. The newsroom is a beehive of activity, working in a systematic and coherent way to publish to paper, web and mobile platforms.