6th International Newsroom Summit in Paris heralds new publishing trend

Bengt Engwall, head of editorial development at Norrköpings Tidningar in Sweden

More than 220 media groups took part in Ifra’s 6th International Newsroom Summit, for which KnowledgeView was one of the key sponsors.

Participants at the summit, held on 19-20 April in Paris, listened to speakers from major media companies that have embarked on the path of convergent Newsroom as a way of increasing interaction with new kinds of information consumer at the age of the Internet and generating new revenues. Participants entered into lively discussions on best ways of managing this major change in the methods of work, investment needed, returns on investment and conditions for success.

KnowledgeView demonstrated, in a side meeting room, its RAPID Browser and RAPID Archive software as used at the Independent News and Media Group (INM) for editorial sharing and archive, for a case study of the system please see the attached PDF document written by journalist Cecilia Campbell.

KnowledgeView is actively pursuing the continuous development of its RAPID Browser software as a powerful editorial sharing tool for convergent Newsroom applications, with first major later this year. KnowledgeView is also cooperating with Ifra, the worlds largest consultancy on new media and publishing, on advising Middle East publishers on this key business direction.