KnowledgeView and Picsel cooperate to bring mobile news to the Middle East

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KnowledgeView Ltd. and Picsel Technologies, a dynamic mobile platform provider, signed a partnership to enable media companies to distribute rich media news stories directly to mobile.

The two companies will integrate KnowledgeView’s RAPID Browser software with Picsel’s Mobile Content Solution. The combined product will enable journalists and editors using KnowledgeView’s technology to read, share and publish news stories via branded mobile channels.

Typically used as part of a convergent newsroom, the integrated solution – which was announced at the Solution Park at IfraExpo, Vienna, 10th October 2007 – supports a full suite of rich media content, with users able to search and navigate breaking news stories, including video and audio, all from their mobile handsets.

Initially, the solution will be rolled out as part of KnowledgeView’s Fareeda service – a real-time news and publishing service covering the Middle East and amalgamating content in Arabic and English from over 10,000 global web sites – but has the potential to be deployed by any media company which uses RAPID Browser.

“As we looked at our respective technologies, we were convinced that the combination of Picsel’s leading mobile content platforms, technologies and solutions, coupled with KnowledgeView’s RAPID Browser editorial sharing solution, will provide media companies with new opportunities to integrate rich mobile media into their respective content distribution strategies,” said Dr. Ali Al-Assam, CEO of KnowledgeView.

“The ability of mobile handsets to allow users to publish or view content wherever and whenever they want makes the channel ideally suited to news reporting,” said Imran Khand, CEO of Picsel Technologies.

“Picsel is already partners with current affairs publishers Associated Press and Friction TV and we look forward to working with KnowledgeView to bring a compelling mobile service to journalists and editors at other news organisations in the Middle East and beyond,” Khand added.