KnowledgeView releases Arabic-language support for the iPhone, enabling iPhone users to access news on

KnowledgeView Ltd, leaders in multi-publishing technology, have developed a unique server based solution that enables users of the Apple iPhone to receive news in Arabic without the need to install any software on the iPhone. A major benefit for users of this service is the ability to view local news and events in Arabic with ease.

The fareeda news service, available from will benefit iPhone users in the Arab World where Apple has recently released the iPhone.

The mobile news service will also benefit users of other Web-enabled mobile phones, where rich-media content is pushed to the user through the RAPID Mobile technology.

The RAPID Mobile technology from KnowledgeView is a unique innovative solution for publishing live news onto the mobile with ease, including TV playlists. It’s as simple as 1,2,3!

“KnowledgeView demonstrated the ability to publish TV Playlists to mobile phones, but even that eye-opener wasn’t as impressive as the outstanding simplicity of the one-click publish system used to do it with.”
IFRA Gazette review – 28th Oct 2008