"Making change work ” a Publishing Industry conference held by KnowledgeView Ltd and An-Nahar newspaper.

Attendees of the UGM in the conference room

KnowledgeView, the leading company of PublishLive industry, held a User Group meeting at An-Nahar Building on the 15th and 16th of June 2009. The User Group meeting was followed with “Making change work” Conference, also took place at An-Nahar on the 17th and 18th. The conference included workshops and lectures on the Change management process according to action mechanisms helping towards multi-publishing.

Representatives from 9 different newspapers, Lebanese and Arabic, attended the meeting. Editors in Chief, IT and Archive Department Managers from the following Companies: Al- Akhbar (Lebanese), Aliwaa (Lebanese), An-Nahar (Lebanese), OEPP (Oman), Al Riyadh (Saudi), Okaz (Saudi), Al Hayat (Saudi), Al Madina (Saudi), Al Watan (Bahrain) and ADMC (Abu Dahbi) The attendees exchanged views and experiences in the editing and publishing industry.

The conference was also rich with the contribution of many international speakers such as Dr Amrei Wiederin Manager of Internal Coordination at IFRA organization, and Allan Marshall, Joint Principal at I-Media advisory and Aurobind Patel design and Editorial consultant.

The speakers lectured about the obvious change and how to adapt to it in order to meet challenges that publisher face today.

aliCommenting on the objective and the importance of this meeting, the Director of KnowledgeView Dr. Ali Al Assam said: “This periodic meeting provides a debate and interaction space, that the company always makes sure to provide and benefit from it in order to create solid bonds between the newspapers needs and the technical development that KnowledgeView’s team offer. He added: “It is a great opportunity that both, the Lebanese and Arabic publisher await for, to know the latest updates in this sector, and that’s how KnowledgeView’s innovations organizes and facilitates the publisher’s daily work”


From his side, Al-MAdina Chief editor Dr Fahed Al Agran said: “we achieved 20% savings in the editorial work, and in departments such as the production we saved 40%”. And he added “the cooperation with KnowledgeView is more than wonderful. We used the system up to 95%!”




To be noted that the next User Group Meeting will be held on the 19th and 20th of January 2010.