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Objective-C Developer

Job Profile and Description

KnowledgeView is seeking to hire talented iOS developers who will primarily be working with developing highly-innovative apps for iPad and iPhone devices. This position is full time and based in our office in Beirut, Lebanon.

Required Experience/Skills

- A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (or related field) or commensurate work experience
- 1+ year(s) experience with Objective-C and iOS SDK
- 2+ years experience with software development
- Thorough understanding of Cocoa programing methodologies, memory management, asynchronous programming and the Foundation framework
- Knowledge of XCode, iOS Dev Center, and Apple's production/submission process
- Strong debugging and testing skills
- Ability to easily read, understand, and modify existing code
- Experience with interacting with web services for data retrieval
- Ability to write code as well as technical documentation
- Good understanding of scalability, systems engineering, and algorithms
- Knowledge of web markup languages such as HTML, XML and CSS
- Good level of communication. Both written and verbal in Arabic and English


- Collaborating closely with other developers, designers, and managers to develop iOS apps
- Continuously maintaining and enhancing existing projects
- Customizing existing iOS projects for production/submission and delivering in a timely fashion
- Drive complete features from requirements and design through to implementation and production
- Solving software-related problems creatively on a daily basis
- Working well and closely with testing and QA

Nice to Have

- A submitted app on the App Store
- Experience in working with Apple's CoreText framework
- Experience with a source control system such as SVN
- Experience with an issue tracking system such as Bugzilla
- Experience with other programming languages such as Java, C++, PHP and Javascript
- Experience with relevant 3rd party APIs (Google Data, Facebook Social Graph, Twitter or others...)
- Good understanding of user experience design concepts
- Experience in Adobe Photoshop

Candidates should most of all be enthusiastic about creative programming & be communicative team members with a positive attitude, dedication and willingness to work hard often under high production pressure, and interested in new technologies and programming languages.

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Job Profile and Description

KnowledgeView is seeking to hire young TeleSales persons. Tele sales representative’s job entails contacting potential customers through telephone.  The main duty of a telesales person is to persuade the clients to buy the company products and services. A telesales person’s daily activities include describing the company product benefits and present special offers; convincing them for a sales representative visit or to take a trial period; collecting the information about the clients and document them; entering the customer details into clients database, including appointment dates or calls; taking orders and making arrangements for order processing.

Skills and Responsibilities

•    Working with business department and management to establish telesales campaigns for promoting the product offers to present and potential customers.
•    Identifying opportunities for sales and effectively presenting the key features and advantages of the company products to secure new business.
•    Developing prospective customers contact database.
•    Maintaining follow-up procedures to new clients correctly and initiating them under minimal supervision.
•    Maintaining all telesales campaigns detailed records.
•    Aiming to attain pre-determined targets on assigned regions or categories.
•    Updating the customer relationship management system with new contacts.
•    Seeking out new income generating opportunities to meet the company targets.
•    Help with the production of marketing material using appropriate authoring tools.
•    Help organize marketing events as appropriate.
•    Discuss and coordinate with different business units within the company
•    Report daily and weekly to Sales Manager

Skills and requirements

•    Excellent written and oral communication as well as listening skills.
•    Fluent in Arabic, English (French is a plus)
•    Sales Force knowledge is a plus. Ability to respect processes in place and enforce them in the information system
•    Positive attitude individual and passionate, energetic and confident
•    Should enjoy working with clients and developing healthy relationships.
•    Perseverance and should be able to respect customer response.
•    Flexible and agile thinker.
•    Good knowledge on all company services and products.
•    Be able to make presentations
•    Good team player within a target-driven environment.

Education and Qualifications

•    Degree in business or sales related field.
Experience in telesales is a plus

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Deployment/Support engineer

Job Profile and Description

KnowledgeView's 'Publish Live' system is adopted by over 40 leading media companies and used by over 4,000 information professionals and journalists globally, mostly in the MENA region.

The 'Publish live' System Solution Unit in KnowledgeView provides the following services to clients and partners:

•    Installation of Publish live system at clients sites after thorough surveys and analysis, training of Clients' IT on systems installed and training of end users, for example journalists, on the publishing systems.
•    Configuration of server systems installed, including advanced scripting, interfacing with third party systems, and optimization for efficient operations with base OS systems including those of Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.
•    Working with KnowledgeView's software developers on best optimisation and integration paths for software systems in use, including testing application configurations before installing them at clients’ sites.
•    Work with clients’ project managers and editorial managers on best editorial practices for efficient publishing workflow to paper, online, mobile and tablets.
•    Manage an efficient help desk for clients and partners, providing quality support according to agreed service level agreements.

The Publishing systems solutions specialists are required to perform the tasks above with high degree of excellence, displaying initiative and excellent clients care.  This involves also:

•    Managing support cases with high degree of excellence, interacting with development teams to resolve outstanding technical issues
•    Acquiring expert knowledge in all KnowledgeView products installation, configuration and management, providing guidance, training and hand holding to customers
•    Build-up industry knowledge on best practices in newspaper and magazine editorial workflow, multi-publishing newsrooms, providing feedback to KnowledgeView support and development teams
•    Handling project management and deployment tasks working closely with KnowledgeView deployment teams at the stage of systems installation, to configure workflow, train and ensure the proper adoption of modern newsroom practices by newspaper editors. This may entail few weeks overseas at a time
•    Assist with drafting the end-user documentation for KnowledgeView solutions as well as training materials for colleagues and customers
•    Required to allocate a significant proportion of time, on technical development and integration work for extending the application of KnowledgeView products capabilities
•    Effectively use the Company significant development procedures, quality assurance and information systems, reporting accurately and regularly on work progress, and taking part in the intra-company discussions and creative activities
•    Contribute to QA plans and to testing of new product releases
•    Undertake Project Management duties when required

The candidate should have:

•    Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or CCE
•    1 to 3 years of software development, testing, support or deployment
•    Good level of communication. Both written and verbal
•    Strong candidates with show initiative, be self motivated, tenacious, enthusiastic and work well within a team

The following skills are important or relevant:

•    Computer Skills: XML – SQL – Linux – Javascript – Web services - Prior Knowledge of Database Software – PHP knowledge is a plus.
•    Technical Skills: Bug tracking – Technical Support – VM ware and Windows administration are a plus
•    Publishing Systems: Experience of publishing systems and tools such as Adobe Creative Suite is a plus.
•    Languages: English, Arabic, French is a plus

To send your CV, please email and and mention the position you are interested in.